Married life and its importance in Islam

muslim nikahNikah is a brilliant and strong union in which Islam did not overlook the individuals rights. This commitment is a solid covenant as mentioned in Quran 4:21. A individual may ask; what’s the importance of Nikah? Many people consider it as simply as a bonafide means of satisfying one’s desires. Is this correct? In the Light of the Qur’an and Sunnah what must one realize for the privileges of the wife and husband? How must a husband react towards his bride and how must she behave in return? These as well as topics are critically worth puzzling over, as their responses are most likely not known to all. In Islam, wedlock is a cultural and permissible relationship intended to support and broaden family connections. Muslim wedding starts with a search for an suitable loved one, and is solemnized with an legal contract of wedding, the contract, and the marriage ceremony. Such a home encourages and protects equity and relationships, and is a base of refuge rich in calmness, convenience, reliability, and continuity.

In Arabic terms engagement is called khitbah. It is a promise of a man with the intention that he will wed a specific lady. It is a type of commitment that functions as a starting to the contract of wedlock (nikah). Engagement (khitbah) is permissible lawfully. Preferably, it is commendable (mustahsan).The legal understanding behind the permissibility of engagement (khitbah) is to make the other members of the society noted that such and such lady is associated with such and such man. Subsequently giving message for requesting her hand in wedlock (nikah) by another gentleman is not correct.

Nikah, in Islamic jargon, can be raised to that of being essential, as it can promise spiritual chasteness and defense from sin. It also brings about the concept of a family which is fundamental for a morally prone community. The Muslim family concept is the most prosperous and considerate of everyone’s requirements. The non-Muslim world looks with desire at the Muslim family concept because they too are not unaware of its rewards and goal. Because of nikah, a lady who was formerly forbidden to view, now not only becomes legitimate for sexual relationship, for her spouse but she, more importantly becomes his soul-mate to share in each other’s pleasures and sorrows.

The importance of Marriage in Islam can be seen in the words of Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that “The person who marries has completed half of his faith. Therefore let him beware of Allah about the other half.” Marriage (nikah) is considered as an act of worship (ibadah). It is virtuous to execute it in a Mosque keeping the formal procedure simple. The marriage ceremony is a social as well as a religious activity. Islam promotes convenience in occasions and activities. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) viewed simple marriages the best marriages: ‘The best wedding ceremony is that where a minimum challenges and expense is bestowed”.

Wedding commitment is the official connection that turns two folks from strangers to a married couple. It is the most essential contract that most folks implement throughout their lives. Since the marriage contract has such amazing relevance, the deen of Islam imposes numerous instructions that it must carry out. Numerous Muslims who are engaged in pre-marital romances hold back from having the contract executed because of the lack of knowledge about its features. Consequently they continue to live a sinful lifestyle due to cultural influences which steer them considering the approach is too stressful. Just before delving into the basic aspects of marriage, it worth stating here that wedding is a crucial topic and should be taken care of severely. It is not allowed for a man to get married and then assert he did not really mean it, or that he was simply kidding.

Because of juridical disparities among the Fuqaha (Islamic jurists), we could say that where jurists of any Mazhab define the existence of a Wali (guardian) to be a condition for the credibility of the agreement, then this type of condition will be enforceable for the validity of the marital contract within that mazhab (Islamic legal school).

In order to prevent any chance of misunderstandings it’s advisable that the decided terms and conditions of the agreement be put down in writing. The document titled “Muslim Marriage Certificate” was designed to notify and when needed give the parties to protect their civil rights under the mutually contracted agreement.